Seller´s general information


RENASCIMENTO, SA will provide an appraisal of your  property, free of charge or commitment in order to identify their relevance and estimated value.
The valuation can be made in our sale room or visiting the place where the assets are. If your interest in an auction sale is confirmed, a consignment agreement will be made, reflecting the trading conditions (estimated values, reserve values, commissions, etc.)

Seller`s premium value

A previous agreed selling commission will be charged above the sold price in which will be added the VAT rate.


Payment will occur 30 days after the auction sale date, according with the buyers payment reception.

Lots not sold

For unsuccessful sales,  RENASCIMENTO  will contact the owner to remove their goods, or propose a new auction entry for a lower value. If  lots do not re-entry, the seller should proceed to its  clearance, within 15 days of the auction in which it was included.
Upon expiry of this period,  storage costs will be charged and   RENASCIMENTO will not assume any responsibility in damages that eventually occur.